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cont BUS Assignment 3 - Starbucks Corporation is the worlds...

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Starbucks Corporation is the world’s most famous chain of retail coffee shops in the world. From New York City, to Sydney, Australia and Bejing, China a Starbucks cafe can be found on every corner of the globe. Starbucks Corporation owns 4000 stores worldwide and continues to be one of America’s fastest growing corporations with a large percent of the coffeehouse market ( Starbucks Corporation). Starbucks Corporation is popular with consumers for many reasons including their quality of coffee, environmentally friendly attitude and business model, and their customer service. They are well known for their cozy atmosphere and individuals of all ages are welcomed into their stores. In addition to being popular with its clientele Starbucks is known in the industry for keeping their employees satisfied and keeping their turnover rate low compared to their competition in the industry. “The turnover rate of employees at Starbucks was 65% and the rate of managers was 25% a year However, the rates of other national chain retailers are 150% to 400% and 50% respectively. Compared with them, the turnover rate of Starbucks is much lower than other industries on averagely” (Michelli). So far in its career Starbucks production and operation strategies have proven successful. They are great components of change and work hard to modify their strategies in order to ensure continued development and victory in the growing economy. The company’s success can be attributed to CEO and Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz, and his vision of creating the most respected brand name in coffee. Schultz wanted to create a company with “soul” and has worked hard to make his vision into a reality. Have you noticed that there is very little advertising for Starbucks out in the world? It’s because the brand wanted to focus solely on the customers’ experience with the brand to gain referrals.
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Starbucks Corporation is well known for its environmentally friendly attitude when it comes to its production and distribution of coffee. Starbucks has an Environmental Committee that looks for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste, as well as contribute to local community
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cont BUS Assignment 3 - Starbucks Corporation is the worlds...

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