CONT BUS Assignment 5

CONT BUS Assignment 5 - Microsoft and Google are two...

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Microsoft and Google are two popular, world renowned and widely recognized corporations. They have been competing most recently in the technology sectors with their competing search engines, Bing, and Google. The primary purpose of this report is to identify and analyze the two companies, their origins and corporate cultures, and determine which one would make the better investment opportunity. Microsoft Corporation is a public, multinational business that is headquartered in Washington State, that develops, creates licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services primarily related to computing through its various product divisions. Microsoft is best known for dominating the world’s computer operating system with their Microsoft Windows line however has many other successful ventures in the industry. Established on April 4, 1975 by two friends Paul Allen and Bill Gates , Microsoft has become the world’s standard when it comes to computing software. Some of their more popular products include the Office Microsoft Suite, popularly used as the standard in offices all over the world, Bing the internet search engine, and Xbox 360 entertainment platform, including Kinect, which is designed to provide a unique variety of entertainment choices for individuals and famili es through the use its devices and online services. While Microsoft’s corporate culture is hard to pinpoint they have been described as a company who fosters innovation and creative thinking. Individuals who have worked at Microsoft, the technology giant, have described the working conditions as being very competitive and tough to keep up with. Being pioneers in the technology industry it is pertinent that Microsoft be forever changing and improving their designs and products. “Change, it seems, may be the best word for describing what is most important to Microsoft. And working within a culture that encourages change is nothing short of an adventure” (Wu, 2009). This being said Microsoft has been under scrutiny for failing to be innovative with their product lines and not branching out to other industries as well as their competitors. An example of this is Microsoft’s lack of an attempt to get into the popular eBook world along with Sony, and Amazon. One recent ex Microsoft employee, Dick Brass, described the technology leader as “ a clumsy,
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2 | P a g e uncompetitive innovator” (Brass, 2010). Microsoft responded to this criticism by stating “At the highest level, we think about innovation in relation to its ability to have a positive impact in the world. For Microsoft, it is not sufficient to simply have a good idea, or a great idea, or even a cool idea. We measure our work by its broad impact” (Shaw, 2010). Put briefly Microsoft does encourage innovative ideas but takes longer to develop them to the larger market they have in mind to ensure their continued success. Another company who has been known to encourage innovation is Google Inc. One of Microsoft’s tough competitors in the technology and search engine field is Google Inc,
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CONT BUS Assignment 5 - Microsoft and Google are two...

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