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Unformatted text preview: ITU Prep. Programme SAMPLE PROFICIENCY Test 2003-2004 SECTION I. USE OF ENGLISH ( 35 x 1 = 35 points) Choose the most suitable alternatives to complete the following texts. Text 1. A report published by the Center for the Public Interest says Americans spend about half their food budgets _____ (1) meals eaten outside the home. Many restaurants, cafes and diners have increased the size of their servings. It is difficult to know the amount of fat and nutrients in the food _____ (2) in restaurants. Processed foods sold in food stores are ____ (3) to include this information. The food industry advertises a lot and not always truthfully. McDonald's and Hershey Foods have given money to an international food organization to set up an Internet Web site. Their goal is to get children _____ (4) more. However, critics say the food industry is not trying _____ (5) to protect the public's health. 1 . a) for b) in c) on d) at 2. a ) serves b) served c) which serves d) which served 3. a) required b) received c) requested d) recommended 4. a) to exercise b) exercise c) exercised d) for exercising 5. a) enough hardly b) enough hard c) hard enough d) hardly enough Text 2. Canadian researchers have discovered a set of genes that determine the lifespan of the common nematode, a type of worm. This _____ (6) shreds new light on the aging process which may eventually allow _____ (7) the inexorable process of aging and death.The team at McGill University in Montreal was able to increase the lifespan of the nematode fivefold by manipulating the newly discovered genes. Altering the genes apparently slowed the metabolism of the worms to _____ (8) leisurely pace. This in turn may slow the accumulation of the DNA defects thought to _____ (9) aging. Although there are undoubtedly other factors _____ (10) to aging in humans, researchers are confident that the discovery will _____ (11) invaluable clues about this mysterious process. 6. a) invention b) finding c) notion d) conclusion 7. a) them to delay c) for them delaying b) them delaying d) for them to delaying 8. a) much b) a more c) more d) a such 9. a) take on b) cure c) lead to d) struggle 10. a) contributing b) donating c) advancing d) improving 11. a) benefit b) achieve c) attain d) provide THIS MATERIAL HAS BEEN PRODUCED ONLY FOR PRACTISE PURPOSES. 1 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 ITU Prep. Programme SAMPLE PROFICIENCY Test 2003-2004 Text 3. Natural flavorings and fragrances are often costly and limited in supply. _____ (12) , the vital ingredient in a rose fragnance _____ (13) from natural rose oil at a cost of thousands of dollars a pound. Since the early twentieth century, success in reproducing these substances _____ (14) a new industry that today produces hundreds of artificial flavors and odors. Some natural fragnances are easily synthesized; these _____ (15) vanillin, the aromatic ingredient in vanilla and benzaldehyde, the aromatic ingredient in wild cherries. Other fragnances, _____ (16) , have dozens, even hundreds of components. It has only recently been possible to , have dozens, even hundreds of components....
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exam prof_ Sample - ITU Prep. Programme SAMPLE PROFICIENCY...

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