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B B B B B B B B B B B B ITU PREP. PROGRAMME PROFICIENCY EXAM JUNE 9, 2004 SECTION I. USE of ENGLISH / Questions 1-35 (35 x 1 = 35 points) Choose the alternative that best fits in each blank to make the texts meaningful. . Text 1. Why Are Children Curious? Young children are always curious and attempting to discover and learn. They are curious 1_____ around them. Any child between the ages of four months and four years is said to be more curious than an adult scientist . Adults sometimes 2_____ a child’s curiosity as a lack of ability to concentrate. The truth is that children begin to learn at birth, and 3_____ they begin school at the age of five or six, they have already absorbed an amazing 4_____ of information. This is perhaps more than 5_____ in the rest of their lives. The role of adults in the learning process of children should not be underestimated. Adults should appreciate a child’s curiosity 6_____ them to learn. Only then can they contribute to the knowledge children absorb. 1. a) about everything b) in everything c) for nothing d) on anything 2. a) regard b) remark c) associate d) approve 3. a) as soon as b) by the time c) then d) soon 4. a) capacity b) total c) amount d) number 5. a) learning c) they will learn b) they learned d) having learned 6. a) to encourage simultaneously c) during simultaneous encouragement b) for encouraging simultaneously d) while simultaneously encouraging Text 2. The Magic of Trees In today’s modern computerized world, we humans have such a fast moving and short-lived life 7_____ the life of trees seems too long for 8_____. We may be excited about the prospect of a new millenium but there are trees still 9 _____ firmly, which have seen millenia come and go. 3000 years is nothing to a yew. The world’s oldest tree, known as Eternal God, is a 12,000 year-old redwood that lives in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park in California. There is a magic in trees that touches us all. The death of a tree inspires a strange empathy and may even make some people 10_____ at its loss. 7. a) than b) that c) where d) which 8. a) to imagine b) our imagining c) us to imagine d) us imagining 9. a) and stand b) having stood c) to be standing d) standing 10. a) crying b) to cry c) cried d) cry 1 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
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B B B B B B B B B B B B ITU PREP. PROGRAMME PROFICIENCY EXAM JUNE 9, 2004 Text 3 A Huge Treat for Cinema Audiences Cinema audiences in every country enjoy eating popcorn during a film. Soon they will be enjoying a fatter and fluffier kind of popcorn thanks to a group of physicists in Pennsylvania. The mathematical recipe they have cooked up for the new giant popcorn could also save manufacturers and 11_____ money. D. Hong at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, devised the recipe after 12 _____ a speech by Young Hwa Kim, head of a company that 13_____ physics to industrial problems. Kim, in his speech, mentioned one challenge raised by a food company: how can the size of popcorn be increased?
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