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ITU Prep. Programme MIDYEAR EXAM December 30, 2003 Name: Level B Duration: 3 hrs Class: Score: Listening Text (for teachers only) 1. Explain the procedure 2. Allow students one minute to read through the headings. 3. Read the text for the first time. ( / ) stands for a very short pause. ( // ) stands for a short pause. 4. Allow students one minute to complete their notes. 5. Read for a second time again with the indicated pauses. 6. Give them one minute to complete or revise their notes. 7. Hand out the papers, which also include the questions on the listening text. Eternal Youth: new developments in anti-ageing research. Even if we have an extremely healthy diet and lifestyle, / the human body is programmed to wear out at a maximum of about 120 years,/ and usually less.// We all have a biological clock inside us/ which determines the moment /when our organs cease to function properly.// This is because/ our cells have stopped renewing themselves /and our body can no longer repair itself.// This is also the moment /when we are more likely to begin to suffer from the diseases of old age /such as arthritis /and Alzheimer’s. //However,/ rapid advances in the DNA research /are beginning to throw light on the secrets of the aging process.// By the end of this century /we could literally have the power of life over death.// Although it has been long accepted that/ humans have a fixed lifespan/, it is also a fact that certain other organisms, /such as reptiles and amphibians, /appear to live indefinitely.// The only reason we do not see 500-year-old alligators is /because in the wild/ their lives are always in danger,/ from man,/ from pollution /and from other animals.// When they are kept in zoos,/ they do not seem to age at all after they are fully grown.// The same is true of some species of fish, /which grow indefinitely /and show no signs of ageing.// The existence of animals with no fixed lifespan seems to indicate that /an age gene really does exist.// It is this gene /which scientists are searching for,/ which may retard or repair damage to the body caused by ageing.// Another new area of research involves the oxidation theory,/ which says that /ageing is caused by the same process / that makes iron rust.// In controlled experiments,/ the lifespans of certain animals were shown to be lengthened with anti-oxidants;/ for example, /the lifespan of mice can be increased by 30 %.// Anti-oxidants are already being used in face creams /and other cosmetics,/ and they are likely to play an important part / in keeping people physically young.// CONTINUED ON THE BACK
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ITU Prep. Programme MIDYEAR EXAM December 30, 2003 Level B Perhaps/ the most immediate advance we are likely to see/ in the battle to halt the ageing process/ will be organ replacement. By the year 2020,/ it is likely that /we will be replacing injured bones /or even organs like livers /and kidneys with ones ‘grown’ in laboratories.// By 2050,/ perhaps every organ in the body,/ except the brain, /will have become commercially
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sample proficiency - ITU Prep. Programme Name: Class:...

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