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A A A A A A A A A A A ITU PREP. PROGRAMME PROFICIECY EXAM SEPTEMBER 6, 2004 SECTION I. USE of ENGLISH / Questions 1-35 (35 x 1 = 35 points) Choose the alternative that best fits in each blank to make the texts meaningful. Text 1. To Clone or Not! Britain’s Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and the Human Genetics Advisory Commission (HGAC) have advised the government to let research on human cloning for therapeutic purposes 1 _____ under specific circumstances. They recommended that the purposes 2 _____ human embryos may be used for in research be extended. The government, 3 _____, has decided to keep a complete ban on such research while other advisers reconsider the issue. In an editorial, New Scientist described this as a huge mistake and asked how 4 _____. An expert advisory group has 5 _____ advise on the recommendation by the HFEA and the HGAC. The report written by the HFEA and HGAC recognises that extending the purposes is not a simple matter. It recommends that the government consider changing the law to allow further uses of human embryos in research. However, changing this law is a big step 6 _____ further details on needs and risks and serious consideration of certain issues raised by using human embryos. 1. a) to proceed b) which proceed c) proceed d) and proceed 2. a) what b) which c) whose d) why 3. a) however b) whereas c) consequently d) therefore 4. a) could holding up such vital research be justified b) could they justify holding up such vital research c) justified could holding up such vital research be d) holding up such vital research could be justified 5. a) assigned to c) been assigned for b) been assigned to d) been assigning for 6. a) where required b) for requiring c) requiring d) to require Text 2. Ants and Traffic Can ants provide answers to traffic problems? A German scientist says ants can teach humans how 7 _____ traffic. 8 _____ ant colonies for several years, Dirk Helbing, of Dresden University, was able to see how they 9 _____with heavy insect traffic. In a scientific test, Helbing and colleagues from two other universities studied how ants crossed a bridge between their nest and a food source when they had a choice between two 10 _____ paths. When there were few ants, or little traffic, they mainly used one path. This was because ants left traces of pheromones on paths 11 _____ used and the more of these traces there were on a path, 12 _____ to other ants. The ants only started to use the second path when the first one was becoming too crowded. Scientists say this is 13 _____ to the way the growth of cities prevents main traffic routes from 14 ____. And they hope 15 _____ the mathematical model of 'ant algorithms' to better regulate data traffic on the internet. 1
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