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A A A A A A A A A A A A ITU PREP. PROGRAMME YEAR-END EXAM JUNE 2, 2004 SECTION I. LISTENING/ Questions 1- 6 (6 x 1.5 = 9 pts) Choose the most suitable alternative to complete each of the following sentences according to the text you heard. 1. The rainbow _______________. a) appears during sunset b) is violet on the outside and red on the inside c) is a broken optical spectrum of light d) is an optical and meteorological phenomenon 2. The rainbow effect can be observed when __________________. a) the sun shines from behind the observer at a low angle or height b) the whole sky is dark with clouds c) waterfalls release vapor on a cloudy day d) the observer is near a river 3. Isaac Newton showed that _______________. a) the rainbow does not contain the color blue b) moonbows are white c) the rainbow actually exists in the sky d) white light contained all the colors of the rainbow 4. A second, dimmer rainbow ________________. a) is caused by a double reflection of the sunlight b) is seen inside the primary bow c) appears at an angle of 15 degrees d) is red on the outside and violet on the inside 5. According to __________, the rainbow is a sign of God's contract with mankind. a) Galileo b) The Bible c) Greek mythology d) American Indian mythology 6. In __________________, the rainbow was a door to stop humans from leaving the world. a) Chinese mythology c) American mythology b) Hindu mythology d) Indian mythology
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A A A A A A A A A A A A ITU PREP. PROGRAMME YEAR-END EXAM JUNE 2, 2004 SECTION II. USE of ENGLISH/ Questions 7- 41 (35 x 1 = 35 points) Choose the alternative that best fits in each blank to make the text meaningful. Text 1. Scientists revealed the secret world of plants long ago. It _________ 7 for many years that when exposed to light under suitable conditions of temperature and moisture, the green parts of plants use carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen to it. These changes are the opposite of those _________ 8 in respiration. The _________ 9 is called photosynthesis. In photosynthesis, carbohydrates are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water by the chloroplasts of plant cells in the _________ 10 of light. Oxygen is the product of the reaction. For _________ 11 molecule of carbon dioxide used, one molecule of oxygen is released. 7. a) has known b) was known c) had been known d) has been known 8. a) occurred b) occur c) when occurring d) which occur 9. a) process b) progress c) advancement d) affair 10. a) presence b) presently c) presentation d) present 11. a) all b) each c) some d) none Text 2. There are many ways of communicating without using speech. People often prefer _________ 12 signals, signs, symbols, and gestures to communicating through speech in every known culture. The basic function of a signal is _________ 13 the environment in such a way that it attracts attention, as, for example, the dots and dashes of a telegraph circuit. Coded to refer to speech, its potential for communication is very great. Signs _________
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