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NAME: _________________________________ DATE: SAMPLE CLASS: _________________________________ TIME SUGGESTED: 90 min. PART A (15x2MARKS=30) USING THE WORD GIVEN, COMPLETE THE SECOND SENTENCE SO THAT IT HAS A SIMILAR MEANING TO THE FIRST SENTENCE. DO NOT CHANGE THE WORD GIVEN. (0) IS AN EXAMPLE. (0). It’s not necessary for you to wake up early tomorrow morning. HAVE You __________ don’t have to wake up early _________ tomorrow morning. 1. Even though she has a toothache, she still eats chocolate. SPITE In _________________________________________________________________ chocolate. 2. It’s a pity I don’t have an IPOD. ONLY If ___________________________________________________________________ an IPOD. 3. The police gave me a ticket. He had told me to stop. WHO The police __________________________________________________________ a ticket. 4. The thieves were captured by the guard. The shop assistant had recognized them. WHOM The thieves _______________________________________________________ the guard. 5. ‘Where is your father going today?’ my friend asked me. WANTED My friend _____________________________________________________________ day. 6. When do they announce the results at your school? ANNOUNCED When ______________________________________________________ your school? 7. Two weeks ago, a plumber fixed my sink. HAD Two weeks ago, I ___________________________________________________ by a plumber. 8. The questions were too difficult, so I couldn’t solve them. HAVE I ____________________________________________________________________ difficult. 9. My boyfriend said he was sorry that he broke my heart. APOLOGISED My boyfriend _________________________________________________ my heart 10. ‘I’ve tried hard to finish this project on time.’ The boy said. THAT The boy ______________________________________________________________ on time. 11. It is believed that breaking a mirror brings bad luck. PEOPLE Many ______________________________________________________________ bad luck. 12. When I don’t remember my daughter’s birthday, she gets very upset. DOESN’T My daughter ___________________________________________________ her birthday. 13. I’ll never forget when I kissed my first date. ALWAYS I’ll ___________________________________________________________ my first date. 14. I’m sure the cat drank all the milk. He seems sleepy. HAVE The cat _____________________________________________________________ all the milk. 15. My son is too young to buy cigarettes. ENOUGH My son ___________________________________________________________ cigarettes. YASAR UNIVERSITY ENGLISH PREPARATORY SCHOOL SAMPLE FLAT USE OF ENGLISH/VOCABULARY ( B ) Official Use ONLY YASAR UNIVERSITY PREP SCHOOL TESTING AND ASSESSMENT OFFICE 1
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PART B (20x1MARK=20) CIRCLE THE CORRECT ANSWER . (0) IS AN EXAMPLE Susan: Hi Jeremy, where (0) ____ C _____, I (1) __________ from you for a long time. Jeremy: Hi Susan. I (2) ____________ a new job for an international company and therefore (3) __________ very busy for the last three months. I (4) ____________ as a department supervisor at this new company and really (5) ___________ the work I am doing. The company (6) ___________ me abroad for managerial training skills every month. Last month, for instance, I (7) ____________ in Frankfurt and my next trip (8) ___________ to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. It’s a great job and I (9) ___________ some great time so far. What about your recent news? What (10) ___________? Susan: Well, you know I (11) ___________ for a bank when I last saw you but I quit the position. I found a new job at a computer company where I currently (12) _____________ as a financial audit. Jeremy: That’s surprising; I thought you loved your job! Why (13) ___________? Susan: You know, I (14) ___________ a lot of overtime work and the money (15) __________ good either. I (16) ___________ for another job for quite a long time, when one day I (17) ___________ a job advertisement at a local newspaper. I (18) ____________ for the job and to my surprise, I was taken immediately.
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