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8ArchExplanation - Early Archaeology Recap Archaeology out...

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9/29/10 1 Early Archaeology Recap Archaeology out of antiquarian studies of 1500s-1800s Breakthroughs in the 1800s Progressive view of culture Antiquity of Man By 1900 archaeology as a discipline In Europe-independent or with history In US with anthropology Archaeological Explanation Diverse explanatory frameworks Early period (late 1800s to 1960) of professional archaeology focused on time-space systematics When? and Where? Explanatory period post 1960 How? and Why?
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9/29/10 2 Americanist Archaeology Anthropology began as an academic discipline in late 1800s in US Focused largely on study of American Indians Archaeology used to study history of American Indian societies in New World Boasian holistic approach - the four fields Hopi Runner, 1899 Who Were the American Indians? Early explanations based on antiquarian ideals - all people in written record Myth of the Moundbuilders Used as justification for removal of American Indians Thomas Jefferson conducted scientific excavations in 1784 Adena mound, West Virginia
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