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DellassignmentFINAL - Mkt 5070 Dell 1 | P a g e States...

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Mkt 5070 Dell 1 | P a g e States problem effectively There are a few problems existing within Dell, however, this did not stop the company from still being successful within their financial status, they were still making profits, but it was very steady. Dell targeted the business consumer from their inception, and had a low price, customized order strategy. Dell lost out on the opportunity to grow and diversify their market in thinking that a new “uneducated” customer is a nuisance and prefer selling to the “educated” customer. Dell should have been interested in this new market, as if treated correctly, could have been loyal customers for life. Apple took this approach and educated the new customer in their products, and these customers have stayed with Apple and may have also purchased the other products Apple has to offer. Dell has thus lost out on the personal user market, since they were also more focused on the business consumer market and specialized in the small to medium sized businesses. Technical service and service after the sale is not up to par, neither is it offered in certain international locations, despite the fact they distribute Dell products in that location. If a customer needed any assistance with their product they had to either go online or call a phone number but it was still difficult to reach anyone. Customer service continues long after the sale has taken place in some industries. If customers feel as though they are dumped after the sale, they are less likely to want to continue business with that particular company. Dell also does not offer call centers in areas that they do distribute their products, for example Russia. There business will not be able to grow any further with the methods they are using at the moment. They are charging customers credit cards when they order, or they are charging the customer for the order in full upon delivery. There are no other options of payment for their customers, which may place pressure on them and deter them from wanting to purchase from
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Dell in the future. There are no other financing options available or payment plans for companies that may want to pay for the computers in installments versus all up front. In establishing more options, Dell would be able to improve on the relationship and be able to sell other products to their customers. The crucial problem in Dell is its relationships with business customers. Dell can be described as a “mail order” company, where you send in your orders, implying that you do not ever get a chance to chat with a real life agent to assist you with your purchase. They use direct mail and mailing catalogs to “make the phone ring” rather than calling the customer to find out if they wish to place a new order, or to even up sell them. The service is fairly stagnant and they do not go the extra mile. The business market is can be a bit more difficult yet easier in some aspects compared to the consumer market. If a business customer decides to take their contract
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DellassignmentFINAL - Mkt 5070 Dell 1 | P a g e States...

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