Lab Report (Experiment 5) - William Seo Experiment 5:...

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Unformatted text preview: William Seo Experiment 5: Making and Breaking Chemical Bonds October 4, 2011 CHEM 1211k- C02 Ameneh Cheshmehkani I did not share any part of this lab report with anyone after lab was finished. Post Lab Chem 1211K Exp 5. Making & Breaking Chemical Bonds Data/ Results Table 1. Ester Synthesis Number Alcohol Carboxylic Acid Ester "Smell" 1 ethanol (1.5 mL propionic acid (1.5mL) Ethyl propionate Rum 2 Isoamyl (1.5mL) butyric acid (1.0 mL) Isoamyl butyrate Pear 3 n-butanol (2.8 ml) acetic acid (2.0 mL) n-butyl acetate Banana 4 1-octanol (2.0mL) acetic acid (2.0 mL) 1-octyl acetate Orange 5 methanol (1.0 mL) salicylic acid (1.8 g) Methyl salicylate Winter green 6 methanol (0.8 mL) butyric acid (1.0 mL) Methyl butyrate Apple 7 ethanol (1.5 mL) Trans-cinnamic acid (1.8mL?) Ethyl trans-cinnamate Cinnamon Ester Structures Ethyl propionate- Methyl salicylate- Isoamyl butyrate- Methyl butyrate- n-butyl acetate- Ethyl trans-cinnamate- 1-octyl acetate- Lewis Structure for Acetylacetone (can be hand-drawn) Chemical Reaction for Part C...
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Lab Report (Experiment 5) - William Seo Experiment 5:...

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