ENGL 1102 - Paper 1

ENGL 1102 - Paper 1 - William Seo 1 Poppas Fresh-Grilled...

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William Seo 1 Poppa’s Fresh-Grilled Burgers Might as Well be Fast Food For decades, the ubiquitous golden arch, the poster-child for fast food, has reached out to millions of Americans, cunningly and warmingly inviting them to invest in the iconic Big Mac; however, as of late, there have been studies and articles indicating that eating McDonald’s is the equivalent of gradually committing suicide. Critics say that the processed meat, unhealthy condiments, and lackluster vegetables all contribute to McDonald’s nutritional deficiencies that cause fast food companies to endure constant bombardment of negative connotations, but on the other hand, middle-class restaurants, such as Applebee’s and Chile’s, and dad’s homemade burgers use the same ingredients—all burgers are fast food. When a customer walks into the brightly lit structure, or McDonald’s, complimented by the Play Pen for children’s hands to joyously amalgamate with others’ feet and spit, he is greeted with a smile on the cashier’s face and a question—“what can I get you today?” The customer may stand there, vacantly staring at the menu doing one of either two things: wondering what to get off of the Dollar Menu or looking for the healthiest option, probably doing the latter since he is indoctrinated by the media to think that everything at McDonald’s is disgusting, which even after researching otherwise, probably is. He finally arrives at a decision to order the double cheeseburger meal as he shames himself for being weak and giving in to the temptation of a cheap, juicy burger, but would he feel the same regret after eating a fresh burger if it was from Applebee’s or even home? At any restaurant, whether it serves “fast” food or “restaurant-quality” food, its burgers are made with beef, so the question arises: what type of beef is it? There are multiple cuts and grades of beef, ranging from Grade A of abundant marbling to Grade E that is practically devoid of intramuscular fat, and the price of the meat rises proportionally to the grade of the meat
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William Seo 2 (Hale). Financially speaking, it would only make sense for restaurants to purchase the cheapest
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ENGL 1102 - Paper 1 - William Seo 1 Poppas Fresh-Grilled...

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