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Gatorade Essay - William Seo Gatorade: Dominating the Game...

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Unformatted text preview: William Seo Gatorade: Dominating the Game It’s in Dwyane Wade, Derek Jeter, Maria Sharapova, and Peyton Manning, but what about you? Is it in you? Unlike the athletes of the early to mid 1950s when they all drank water as their main source of hydration, athletes nowadays are graced with “fuel that goes beyond hydration,” otherwise known as Gatorade. Since its launch in the late 1950s, Gatorade has become the leading brand in sports drinks, but what makes Gatorade so much better than Powerade, a nearly equivalent competitor, isn’t the taste or the quality of the drink. Rather, what pushes consumers to buy Gatorade is the commercials’ strategic design that seems to evoke a certain response in athletes. Fans are screaming, lights are flashing, but most of all, you’re losing. The ball is your hands—three. The double team is coming—two. You rise up for the shot—one. The ball is in the air and descending, in slow motion, towards the basket—zero. The buzzer sounds—swoosh—but much to your disappointment, it was just your alarm clock waking you up from the best dream of your life. When imagining the aforementioned dream, the dream is complete with epically dramatic music, slow-motion movements, and a stadium packed full of nonbelievers. By employing these exact miniscule details, this Gatorade commercial perfectly recreates this dream, allowing consumers to form a bond to the product because of how closely the consumer can relate to it. As a result, the consumer not only pays closer attention to the commercial, but also becomes more interested in the product. In doing so, many consumers believe that the only difference between their dream and the commercial is the presence of Gatorade; however, the fact that the consumer can relate to the product on a personal level is not the lone spark that causes him to buy Gatorade. causes him to buy Gatorade....
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Gatorade Essay - William Seo Gatorade: Dominating the Game...

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