PSYC 1101 Chapter 9 part 2

PSYC 1101 Chapter 9 part 2 - PSYC 1101 Sunni Newton...

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Wednesday, 10/26/11 Why do we like to be around other people? o Need to belong theory o Being in groups is adaptive for us o Most people make friends easily Threats of exclusion anxiety Lack of social contact despair Emotions: “feelings that involve subjective evaluation, physiological processes, and cognitive beliefs” Subjective = everyone has a different evaluation Physiological processes = physical reaction (i.e. sweating) Cognitive beliefs = assign some meaning or label to how we feel (i.e. I feel sad; I feel bored) o Distinction from moods? Mood is different from emotion because a mood is not necessarily attributable to a certain thing. An emotion has an easily identifiable source (i.e. what caused the emotion) o Adaptive value? Emotions help react to dangerous stimuli, make quick decisions, and promote good group functioning Role of facial expressions in conveying emotions o Infants rely heavily on facial expressions o Evidence for cross-cultural similarity in the interpretation of many facial expressions Regardless of where you’re from, certain facial expressions are common throughout cultures (i.e. an angry face or a happy face) o Display rules (which emotions are suitable in a given situation) vary by culture and gender Link between cognition and emotions o Positive affect linked with:
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PSYC 1101 Chapter 9 part 2 - PSYC 1101 Sunni Newton...

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