PSYC 1101 chapter 12 part 2

PSYC 1101 chapter 12 part 2 - PSYC 1101 Sunni Newton Social...

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PSYC 1101 – Sunni Newton Social Psychology, Ch. 12 How do we form our impressions of others? Attributions o Personal Explanations related to things within people—abilities, traits, moods, efforts o Situational Explanations related to outside events—weather, accidents, luck, people’s actions o Fundamental attribution error o Actor/observer discrepancy Stereotypes: o “Cognitive schemas that allow for fast, easy processing of information about people based on their membership in certain groups” o Allow for quick decision making, conserve limited mental resources o Often automatic and outside of our awareness o Sometimes based in truth (i.e. men are more violent than women) o Effects on attention, memories, attributions Pay attention to confirming evidence; ignore disconfirming evidence Guide memories, attributions o Subtyping You think all women are horrible drivers, but your girlfriend is a good driver. Your girlfriend is an exception to the rule and the rule does not apply to them. o Self-fulfilling prophecy Study with elementary school students Expectations reality Can happen with negative stereotypes as well Study with male-female phone interactions o Prejudice: “the usually negative affective or attitudinal responses associated with stereotypes”
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o Discrimination: “the inappropriate and unjustified treatment of people based solely on their group membership” Why do prejudice and discrimination occur?
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PSYC 1101 chapter 12 part 2 - PSYC 1101 Sunni Newton Social...

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