PSYC 1101 Chapter 13 - PSYC 1101 Sunni Newton Ch. 13:...

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PSYC 1101 – Sunni Newton Ch. 13: Personality Friday, 11/18/11 – Wednesday, 11/23/11 Personality: “the characteristic thoughts, emotional responses, and behaviors that are relatively stable in an individual over time and across circumstances” o Note the cognitive, affective, and behavioral components o Note the temporal and situational elements of the definition How have psychologists studied personality? Sigmund Freud o Unconscious forces (called instincts ) influence behavior o Mental illness arises when multiple forces are in conflict o Levels of consciousness Unconscious, preconscious, conscious Freudian slip o Structural model of personality: Id Entirely unconscious; operates entirely on pleasure principle Superego Rigid structure of morality; driven by parental and societal standards of conduct Ego Mediates between id and superego Humanistic approaches o Emphasis on personal experience and belief systems o We seek personal growth to fulfill our potential: self-actualization o Carl Rogers: person-centered approach Focus on personal understanding Emphasis on role of parental love and acceptance
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o Personality types form discrete categories of people Based on global characteristics Implicit personality theory o Personality traits “a characteristic; a dispositional tendency to act in a certain way over time and across circumstances” Focuses on individual differences in specific dispositions How many are there? o Used dictionary to gather up all personality-related words 18,000 total words Raymond Cattell o Used factor analysis on personality questionnaires o Resulted in 16 basic traits o
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PSYC 1101 Chapter 13 - PSYC 1101 Sunni Newton Ch. 13:...

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