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ME 113 Homework 7 - inlet section with a velocity of 500...

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ME 113 Homework 7 Due March 24 Answer: delta S = 0.413 kJ/K Answer: 15800 ft lbf/lbm 4. Saturated R134a vapor with a pressure of 50 kPa is compressed during a reversible, adiabatic steady-flow process to 2 MPa. Find the exit temperature of the R134a and the work required to compress it per kg. Answer: -78 kJ/kg 5. Solve this problem using EES. Air enters an isentropic turbine at 150 psia and 900°F through a 0.5 ft 2
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Unformatted text preview: inlet section with a velocity of 500 ft/s. It leaves at 15 psia with a velocity of 100 ft/s. Calculate the air temperature at the turbine exit and the power produced, in hp. Note that the inlet velocity and temperature are both very high, so the turbine will produce a very high power output. “Adiabatic efficiency” is another name for “isentropic efficiency”. Answer: efficiency=0.632 1. 2. 3. 6....
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