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S AN J OSÉ S TATE U NIVERSITY Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering ME 30 Computer Applications Week 2 Lab Project : Data Types, Variables, and Formatted Output Introduction The concept of data types is extremely important in learning how to program in C. In this lab you will learn about data types, how to declare variables, and get practice writing your first programs in C. Objectives Following completion of today’s lab, you should be able to: List and describe the types of data commonly used C programs for engineering problem solving Distinguish between a variable and a constant Declare variables with valid names and appropriate data type Evaluate arithmetic and conditional expressions correctly according to operator precedence Write C statements to print formatted output Procedure Download a copy of the Lab Report Template (lab_rpt_tpt.doc) and the Report Completion Checklist (CompletionChecklist.docx) from Desire2learn or the ME 30 website . Use the report template to record your answers to the lab exercises and write a summary of the complete lab project. For each problem, write a brief but complete description of the problem, and then put your solution in the table cell below the description. Below the solution, show how you verified that the solution functions properly and meets the design requirements. Copy and paste additional table cells as needed to fill out your report. Use the completion checklist to help you remember what needs to be completed in the report. Make sure that you fill out the cover page completely , before turning in your report (use the checklist to help you remember what needs to be done). Points will be deducted if the cover sheet is not completely filled out. Enter your last name, first initial, and project number in the labeled boxes in the header (top of the page at the right) by double-clicking on it. Under the section of the cover sheet labeled ‘Summary’, summarize the problem(s) you solved in the lab project. This summary must touch on the strategy you used as well as the methods you employed, and any observations or conclusions about what you learned from the laboratory. I recommend that you structure your summary into a minimum of three paragraphs. In the first paragraph discuss what you did. In the second paragraph discuss how you did it. In the third paragraph describe what you learned . The summary is perhaps the most important part of the lab, so do a good job on it. You will need to strike a balance between succinctness and completeness. Note that you are not limited to fitting the summary on the cover sheet. You can expand the summary to another sheet if needed. You can position your cursor on the lower border and drag it down if you need more room. Save your work on your own storage device or send it as an email to yourself
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Lab2_data_types_vars_Ch (3) - SAN JOS STATE UNIVERSITY...

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