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ME 3371-2, Spring, 2010 HW Problem Set No. 6 1. In a nuclear reactor, 1 cm diameter cylindrical uranium rods (k = 29.5 W/m K) cooled by water from outside, serve as the fuel. Heat is generated uniformly in the rods at a rate of 1.7x10 7 W/m 3 . If the outer surface temperature of the rods is 175 C, determine the temperature at the rod center. If the cooling water temperature is 20 C, determine the convection coefficient at the rod surface. 2. A 2 kw resistance wire with a thermal conductivity of k = 20 W/m C, a diameter of D = 5 mm, and a length of L = 0.7 m is used to boil water. If the outer surface temperature of the wire is 110 C, determine the temperature at the wire center. 3. A hot surface at 100 C is to be cooled by attaching a 3 cm long, 0.25 cm diameter aluminum pin fin
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Unformatted text preview: (k=237 W/m K). The fin heat transfer coefficient is h = 35 W/m 2 K and the air temperature is 30 C. The fins are arranged in a square pattern, 0.6 cm on centers, 15 fins to a row. What is the total heat loss from the fins assuming a. an infinite fin and b. a finite fin insulated on the end? 4. A cylindrical, pin fin has a base temperature of 175 C and is surrounded by air at 25 C with a convection coefficient h = 30 W/m 2 K. The fin has a length of 75 mm, a diameter of 5 mm and is made of brass. Assuming a finite fin with an insulated end, determine the following: a. The heat transfer from the fin, b. The fin temperature at L/2, c. The fin efficiency....
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