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01 & 02 STAT HWB q intro & descriptive statistics

01 & 02 STAT HWB q intro & descriptive...

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Dr. V.R. Bencivenga Economics 329 PRACTICE HOMEWORK #1B: INTRODUCTION & DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS 1. Identify each of the following variables as continuous or discrete. Which of the discrete variables are dummy variables (if any)? a. expenditure per pupil (data for all public school districts in the US) b. high school graduation rate (data for all high schools in the US) c. number of state universities (data for all fifty states in the US) d. whether a state university is a “land grant” institution (d ata for all state universities in the US) e. enrollment in colleges/universities (annual data for the US) 2. For each of the following, say which measure of central tendency (mean, median, or mode) you think is most appropriate, and briefly explain why. If you think the choice is ambiguous, explain why.
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