03 STAT HWB q frequency distributions

03 STAT HWB q frequency distributions - Dr Valerie R...

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Dr. Valerie R. Bencivenga Economics 329 PRACTICE HOMEWORK #3B: FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTIONS 1. Below is the frequency distribution of the infant mortality rate (deaths before one year of age per 1000 live births) in 1993, for the 131 countries with available data (from the 1996 World Development Report ). Infant mortality rate Number of countries 0 to < 10 24 10 to < 20 24 20 to < 30 14 30 to < 50 18 50 to < 75 18 75 to < 100 16 100 to < 140 13 140 to 180 4 a. What was the median infant mortality rate within this group of countries? What assumption does this calculation of the median rely upon? b. Compute the interquartile range of the infant mortality rate. c. Before calculating the mean infant mortality rate, say whether it will be less than, equal to, or smaller than the median. Explain. d. Compute the mean infant mortality rate. e. Compute the variance of the infant mortality rate. What assumption does the calculation of the mean and variance from grouped data rely upon? f. Give the cumulative relative frequency distribution of infant mortality rates. g. What percentage of countries had an infant mortality rate less than 30? 100 or more? 30 to less than 100? 2. (continued) An ogive is a graphical representation of a cumulative relative frequency distribution. To sketch an ogive, mark the class intervals on the horizontal axis, and percentages on the vertical axis. For the upper limit of each class interval, put a dot at the percentage of observations falling in that class or a lower class (i.e., mark the cumulative relative frequency). Also put a dot on the horizontal axis at the lower limit of the lowest class interval . Then “connect the dots” with line segments. a.
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03 STAT HWB q frequency distributions - Dr Valerie R...

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