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Bio 101 paper1 Fa07 - Founder Mutations Paper Biology 101...

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Founder Mutations Paper Biology 101 – Fall 2007 You are a reporter for an internet science blog (you may find examples of biology and general science blogs with a Google search or Because your editor knows that you are a CSUF graduate, and therefore highly scientifically literate, she has asked you to write an article that describes what scientists are discovering about founder mutations and why their findings are important and relevant to your readers. Your readers are not scientists, so you need to make sure that your article is interesting and accessible to them. You also need to write very clearly and thoroughly and define all of your terms, because your editor hates to clean up your grammar and spelling errors! Be sure to include the following in your article/blog post: 1) describe founder mutations, including an example to aid in your description, 2) explain how the age of the mutation and its dispersion route are determined, and 3) discuss the implications of founder mutations for linking ethnicity and disease risk. 4) Include a hand- drawn or computer- generated diagram or table that illustrates one of the concepts in your article. The diagram or table must be your original work. You are not expected to produce the work of a professional artist, so don’t worry about how “beautiful” your diagram is. Simply design it so that your readers will find it interesting and will learn from it. To research the article/blog post, refer to “Founder Mutations” in your Scientific American reader, and to relevant chapters in your textbook. You may also use other resources. This assignment is designed to give you the experience of applying your knowledge of biology to a current controversy or topic of interest. You will use the same sort of method that you will later use as an informed citizen and consumer when making decisions that involve biology. Other resources
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Bio 101 paper1 Fa07 - Founder Mutations Paper Biology 101...

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