10 STAT HWA q hypothesis testing two pops

10 STAT HWA q hypothesis testing two pops - Dr. V.R....

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Dr. V.R. Bencivenga Economics 329 PRACTICE ASSIGNMENT #10A: Hypothesis testing II For each hypothesis test, give (i) the test statistic, (ii) its sampling distribution, and the basis for this sampling distribution, and (iii) the rejection region, as well as (iv) the conclusion of the test. 1. In an article from the New York Times (Oct. 12, 1992), IBM reported that female workers in one of its manufacturing processes appeared to have a higher rate of miscarriages than its other female workers. Two chemicals used in this process, which manufactures semiconductor chips, appeared to be responsible. From 1980-89, 10 of the 30 pregnancies of woman who worked with these chemicals ended in miscarriages. Among female employees who did not work with these chemicals, 62 of 398 pregnancies ended in miscarriages. Using a 5% significance level, test the null hypothesis that the probability of miscarriage was the same for women who worked with the chemicals as for women who did not, against the alternative hypothesis that it was different. ( Note : 398 clearly is a large sample, but 30 is marginal. Proceed on the assumption that 30 as well as 398 is large enough to appeal to the Central Limit Theorem.) 2. A random sample of 100 managers at a large manufacturing plant showed that 58 opposed unionization of the workers. An independent random sample of 200 production-line workers showed that 64 opposed unionization. What is the 99% confidence interval for the difference between the two population proportions (the proportion of production line workers who oppose unionization, and the proportion of managers who oppose unionization)? 3.
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10 STAT HWA q hypothesis testing two pops - Dr. V.R....

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