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Bio 101 paper2 Fa07

Bio 101 paper2 Fa07 - Extinction or Suspended Animation...

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Extinction or Suspended Animation Paper Biology 101 – Fall 2007 Your editor at the internet science blog is very pleased with your blog post on founder mutations. As a reward, she has given you the choice of the month’s two top research stories, and wants you to interview the scientists involved in the research. Your blogpost will be the transcript of your interview with the scientists. Do not contact the scientists who wrote the article; your interview will be fictitious- your conception of what such an interview might be like. For examples of interview transcripts, review the interviews provided with your assignment. A reminder: your readers are not scientists, so you need to make sure that your article is interesting and accessible to them. You also need to write very clearly and thoroughly and define all of your terms, because your editor hates to clean up your grammar and spelling errors! The two stories you get to choose from are: 1. Extinction Be sure to include the following in your (fictitious) interview with Drs. Pimm and Jenkins (authors of the Scientific American paper): 1) a summary of the issue, 2) a discussion of the causes of today’s unnaturally high extinction rates, and 3) their thoughts on realistic and potentially successful solutions to the problem. 4) Include suggestions on specific things that your readers can personally do to protect biodiversity. To research your interview, use “Sustaining the Variety of Life” in your Scientific American reader, relevant chapters in your textbook, and at least one other resource (see below.) 2. Suspended Animation Be sure to include the following in your (fictitious) interview with Drs. Roth and Nystul
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