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Unformatted text preview: RoboLab Presentation RoboLab BY: Neda Samani, Matt Leaverton, Carol Lumague, Gladis L. Robot Mission Robot The main function of our Robolab was to obtain the maximum number of gulf balls and drop them in the hole provided. Afterwards, the robot was programmed to return back to the stating point and play a song. In this presentation we will take you through each step taken in order to deliver a functional and successful Robot. Outline Outline Planning & Strategies Design of Software Design of Hardware Integration of Software and Hardware Competition Performance Group Communications Obtained Knowledge Conclusion & Questions Planning Planning Orgin of team name: Our team was able to achieve various goals through an organized system of constant communication and planning. Our main objective was to not only qualify but go beyond to compete to win first place. Planning Planning Gathered member information Designed several software programs Redesigning of the hardware Outside lab meetings Integration of hardware & software Numerous testing Planning Planning Team manager: Neda Samani I was in charge of group meetings, overview of design, providing an open portal for communication, and organization. Team members all worked together on both software and hardware. This allowed for maximum input of ideas and thus helped develop an efficient robot. Planning/Strategies Planning/Strategies Team members worked well as a team. Open communication and flow of ideas. Strategizing allowed for an organized approach towards the process. Planning was useful and followed accordingly, unless revisions were necessary. ...
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