Biology Study Guide 1 - Chapter 1-2 Study Guide Latrelle S...

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Chapter 1-2 Study Guide 2/3/12 Latrelle S. Keith Chapter 1 Biology is the study of living organism The action of science is to discover something new and unknown The scientific method is a systematic method of research consisting of putting a hypothesis to a test designed to disprove it, if it is in fact false Both natural and social sciences use the scientific method Scientists develop testable hypotheses using deductive reasoning and to test them using empirical observations Hypotheses are testable and falsifiable; can be questions or statements; are supported and rejected never true or false A scientific theory is an explanation of a set of related observations based on well- supported hypotheses from several different, independent lines of research Germ theory is that microorganisms are the cause, through infection, of some or all human diseases. inductive reasoning is a logical process that argues from specific instances to a general conclusion deductive reasoning is making a prediction about the outcome of a test; are “if/then” statements a prediction is an expected from particular test of a hypothesis if the hypothesis were true natural sciences include physics, chemistry, biology and geology
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Biology Study Guide 1 - Chapter 1-2 Study Guide Latrelle S...

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