Finding the Perfect Balance

Finding the Perfect Balance - "Finding the Perfect...

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“Finding the Perfect Balance”COM 339 BLOG In the past class, we've discussed a lot about how important it is to want to work at the job you have. Unfortunately I've noticed today that today a lot of people are not satisfied with their current employment. Most likely due to the fact that the economy is so bad and most people think its better to be miserable in a job then not have a job at all. Another reason may be that a person's job and making money has become their whole entire life and their family and personal life has taken second place or maybe even third. I came across an interesting article that shows America's work force's priorities. A man sat in a metro in Washington D.C and started to play the violin. He performed six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During his performance it was rush hour and about 1,100 went past him on his way to work. Most people did not notice him, but a couple threw in some money without even slowing down their pace. Some time later a man stopped and leaned up against the wall to listen to him but then checked his watch and hurried off after realizing he was late for work. The one who paid the most attention was a 3 year old boy. He stopped and watched until his mother pushed him a long. This action was repeated by several other children until their parents hurried them along. In the 45 minute performance, only 6 people stopped and 20 people gave him money without slowing their pace. When he finished playing no one applauded and no one even noticed the music stopped. No one knew this but the man was Joshua Bell, one of the most talented musicians of the world. The violin he played on was worth 3.5 million dollars. Two days before his performance in the subway, he sold out at a theater in Boston where seats averaged around $100. It is shocking that because Americans are so prioritized about their job, that they miss out on once in a life time beautiful moments. There is no point working hard everyday for the future, if we don't stop and appreciate what we have in the now. We have seen a similar message in the story we read in class about the fisherman and the businessman. Americans need to learn how to balance their lives between work and play. Sometimes we need to be happy with what we have instead of striving for something we don't really need, like a promotion or more money. Today most people identify themselves by the job title they hold. It is important that they create their identity outside of their everyday 9 to 5 job. Some questions I would like to ask you are what are ways an organization (like a business or company) can help their employees balance their work life and personal life. Should it be the organization's duty or should it be the employees responsibility to know how to balance the two? What was your reaction to hearing that no one stopped to recognize Joshua Bell playing in the subway? Do you think as college students we some what mirror the same attitudes as stressful working Americans or do you think we
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Finding the Perfect Balance - "Finding the Perfect...

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