Going off the calf path

Going off the calf path - "Going off the...

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“Going off the calf-path” A lot of our class discussions have centered around choice, and how the choice we make are influenced by a number of different things, and ultimately those influenced choices influence the outcomes of our lives. The discussion we had in class in regard to "going off the calf-path" was a topic that was especially interesting to me because it was a topic that at this point in my life haven't had to encounter too often. On Tuesday in class though, our discussion about job's and the cultures of an organization was extremely relevant to me and especially the stage I am at in my life. I found myself especially engaged in this discussion, as I thought also about "going off the calf path" and how before, I didn't think it was relevant to my life but now, I see how relevant it really is. After Tuesday's class I reflected a lot on our discussion, and now realize that the choices I need to make in my life regarding my future after college and my future in an organization need to be made carefully, and need to be made according to what my own interests are, and that if my interests lead me there making choices that are a little off the calf-path is okay, because ultimately I am the only one who needs to be okay with them, and happy with the outcome. When thinking about this I had never really considered how many of my choices so far in my life had been decided for me either by my parents, peers, or even society, which is probably why I thought that our discussion had not been initially relevant to me. But, when we started discussing jobs and the choices we ultimately need to make about our future, I quickly realized that the only person making decisions for me and my future now was me. These discussions, and my new thoughts and ideas regarding these topics made me think of an episode from my favorite show, Glee. It is the episode in which Mike Chan's family doesn't support his decision to go to a college, where he would be able to fulfill his dreams and become a dancer. I think that this episode illustrates exactly how I feel, and exactly how I am sure a lot of other students feel in regards to their future. There are a lot of people involved in each of our lives who have a lot of expectations for us, for the choices we should make, and the future we should fulfill. But, I think we should all consider the choices Mike Chan makes in this episode, in that it is okay to make a choice that is off the calf path when making choices about our lives after college, because if it is a choice that will lead us toward something we want to do and are passionate about, then it should be regarded as a choice worth taking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaPSNXdyqBE
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Going off the calf path - "Going off the...

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