the cost of being gay

the cost of being gay - Com 339 – Online Community “The...

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Unformatted text preview: Com 339 – Online Community “The Cost of Being Gay” source: spouses-for-health-insurance/?ref=business In the article "When Gay Employees Can Enroll Spouses for Health Insurance," by Tara Siegel Bernard, the debate continues for acceptance or denial of same-sex marriages. At most companies, a heterosexual employee is able to add a spouse and child to the insurance plan without any problems. But what about homosexual employees? The major question at hand is: Should the spouses of homosexual employees be given health insurance benefits if their marriage isn't recognized by the government in their state? What the article basically says is that it's up to the individual company to decide how to handle this policy issue. "The state law, though, doesn't govern when a company is required to let you enroll a new spouse." This can allow employers to beat around the bush when it comes to allowing homosexual employees to enroll their spouses. This article is applicable to what we are learning in chapter 4 about organizational cultures because it is tied to values, rituals, and socialization. As the text states, "Ethnography is a stimulus for cultural change and dialogue as it exposes sources of power and resistance and reveals values and beliefs that might otherwise be taken for granted." This issue of providing health insurance for homosexual spouses is one of power. The decision is ultimately in the hands of upper management and their beliefs. In addition, I think this issue raises the subject matter of the importance of adaptation to a changing environment. Now, more than ever, we see more minorities (whether it be females, homosexuals, other nationalities...) in the workplace. If a policy is created, it should be created equal for everyone. Organizational performance can be enhanced when an effective business strategy is in place to supplement the organization's vision and values....
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the cost of being gay - Com 339 – Online Community “The...

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