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Science of Psychology Spring 2011 Experiment Participation Worksheet As part of the course, you will be writing a short paper about your experience as a participant in a research study. You should bring this worksheet with you to the study. When you are finished, you will get a debriefing form and have the opportunity to ask the experimenter some questions. Complete this form at that time. It is very important that you read through this and know what the questions are BEFORE you complete the experiment. This will help you to be able to complete this in the relatively short (10 minute) debriefing period. This worksheet will be submitted along with your paper. It will be very helpful in writing the paper. You should also bring it along with you if you come to office hours to discuss the paper. Part 1. Your impressions – answer these BEFORE reading the debriefing or talking to the experimenter 1. Do you have a guess about the hypothesis of this study? If so what is it? 2. If you had a guess about the hypothesis, do you think it impacted the way you did the
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Experiment_Participation_Worksheet - Science of Psychology...

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