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CHEM C3045 Fall 2009 Recitation Syllabus Times and Location TBA TA: Danielle F. Sedbrook -B.S. in Chemistry from The University of Chicago, Focus in Synthetic Organic Chemistry in the lab of Prof. Viresh Rawal -PhD Student in the Department of Chemistry under Prof. Colin Nuckolls, Focus in Organic Chemistry and Nanoscale Materials E-mail: Lab telephone number: 212-854-8662 Mailbox: Havermeyer 3149 Daily Class Structure: I: Question and Answer session -days with no quiz: 0 to 50 minutes -days with a quiz: 0 to 35 minutes II: Quiz -10 minutes III: Lecture -remaining time -will cover topics and problems covered in class that I feel require further explanation Recitation Quizzes: Students will be expected to take six short (~10 minute) recitation quizzes written by me and covering any material covered in lecture up to and including the Monday before the quiz. Once we have determined recitation time and location, I will publish the dates of the quizzes. It is your responsibility to know these dates. QUIZZES CANNOT BE MADE UP UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AND NO EXTRA TIME WILL BE ALLOTED TO STUDENTS WHO ARE LATE/LEAVE EARLY. Because of this, your lowest score will be dropped. (For more information on the computation of the final grade see the lecture syllabus.) If you think there has been a mistake made on the grading of a quiz you may resubmit each quiz once for a re-grade by noon on the Friday after it is returned. Any quizzes submitted after this will not be re-graded. By resubmitting a quiz, you are agreeing to have the ENTIRE quiz carefully re-graded, not just a single question. Because of this students who resubmit a quiz
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This note was uploaded on 02/26/2012 for the course CHEM 3045 taught by Professor Breslow during the Fall '09 term at Columbia.

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Recitation_Syllabus - CHEM C3045 Fall 2009 Recitation...

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