Psychopatology - Unbearable lightness is a book written by...

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“Unbearable lightness” is a book written by the actress Portia De Rossi. In this book she recount the story of her life and the path that brought her to discover the cruel reality of Anorexia. Portia was born and raised in Australia, she lost her father at an early age for a heart attack and she grew up with her mother Margaret and her brother Michael that has always been an important part of her life. Since she could remember Portia has always strived for perfection, at school, at dance class, and with her weight. This necessity of perfection was given by her desire to make her mother proud and not to make her worry at any times. Portia never had a good relationship with her body; she was always trying to lose weight often encouraged by her mother that always wanted the best for her. When she was a teenager she started her modeling career that brought her self-esteem to an even lower level. Her body was never thin enough and her self-control was not strong enough to lose and maintain weight. Since age twelve she began binging and purging entering in a circle where she was constantly loosing and gaining weight. Her relationship with food was very conflicting, it was either a reward or a curse and it became an obsession in her life. She was initially married with an actor she met on the set of her first movie, but their relationship did not last long, Portia always knew to be homosexual, but her fear of not fulfilling her mother expectation brought her to at least attempt a heterosexual marriage and a “normal” life. After their divorce, Portia started working for her first important role in the tv show “Ally Mc Beal”. She is 5 feet 7 and at the time she weighted 120 pounds. After a couple of episodes when she could not fit into some dresses for the show in the fitting room and during a photo shoot she decided to seek for help with a nutritionist. At the time she was still suffering of Bulimia Nervosa and she wanted to escape what she defined that “ yoyo circle of gain and loss”. Seeing a nutritionist gave her all the information and the skill she needed to start a healthy diet that would have help her lose and maintain an appropriate weight. Unfortunately once she saw the effectiveness of weighting food, counting calories and working out she felt completely in power, a power that she was researching all her life. Food, calories and working out soon became the only thing she could think about, the only thing she cared about. It became an obsession that could not be overcome, not even by seeing her brother and her mother breaking into tears begging her to gain back some weight. Towards the end of that year, Portia De Rossi was consuming only three hundreds calories a day until and she was 82 pounds when she collapsed on the set of her first important Hollywood movie in Toronto. I was pleasantly surprised by this book, I have always being a fan of Ellen De Generes,
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Psychopatology - Unbearable lightness is a book written by...

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