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Chapter 15 Notes: Organizational Change and Development 1. What causes change? Two forces: External and Internal External Forces: Economic Conditions, Competitor’s Actions, Technological Developments, Legal and Political Developments, and Societal and Demographic Shifts Internal Forces: Managerial Decisions, and Employee Preferences and Suggestions 2. What to change? Areas to consider/focus: Technology, Shared Values and Culture, Strategy, Structure, Systems, and Staff are all considered. Complex and comprehensive changes involve all six (transformational changes) Structure: one of the most valuable tools to create change Systems: processes or procedures Technology: one of the most obvious and frequent object of change Shared Values and Culture: as important as making changes in technological or strategy Staff: change brought by adding, subtracting, or interchanging , people oriented change of focus, directly enhance skills and abilities 3. Evaluating the Need for Change
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