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Question Two FE - D1 Question Two Personal Statement Public...

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D1 Question Two: Personal Statement Public Health Policy Internship for the State of Oregon “Who are you as a leader?” Two words come to mind as I try to define my leadership skills—initiative and dedication. Whenever I develop a solution in my head to fix an existing problem, I engulf myself in the process. I become involved in the idea, and find myself pushing the limits of dedication. I take time, and find specific evidence and information in order to make my ideas come alive. I have always prided myself on these two behaviors, and even started doing so at a fairly young age. In 11 th grade, I persuaded my entire high school to reduce the price of bottled water in comparison to more sugary drinks in the vending machines available on campus. I felt that reducing the price would promote healthier drinking habits, and students would be more compelled to spend 50 cents on the sugar-free refreshment instead of twice as much for a soda.
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