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MGMT Lincoln Electric - To: President and Human Resource...

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To: President and Human Resource Manager of Lincoln Electric From: Sarah Lowery, Outside Organization Consultant Date: 5 May 2011 Subject: Practices Supporting and Opposing the Company’s Mission Statement Throughout the years, Lincoln Electric has grown into an arc-welding powerhouse company. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of arc-welding products and the leading producer of industrial electric motors. The success of the company as a whole definitely points to some indication that the company’s organization and culture is working in their favor. In summary, the mission and vision of Lincoln Electric is to earn and retain global leadership as the total quality supplier of superior products and services, and they have done exactly that. The organizational culture at Lincoln Electric varies quite differently from a normal organization. The employees at Lincoln Electric have very “Type A” personalities—they are driven by success and greatly influenced by money. At Lincoln Electric, employees are paid not by the hour, but how much quality work they get done within that hour, this method of organization automatically keeps production high. Also, another unique characteristic of the organizational structure is the fact that they do not actually have a formal organization chart (as most companies do). The lack of such a chart promotes and encourages employees to seek help from the best person available, not just whatever supervisor is on the clock.
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MGMT Lincoln Electric - To: President and Human Resource...

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