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Brands are a corporate asset and a strategic marketing tool and a way to communicate to the customer and a risk minimization device (if you have a brand you are familiar with, you can minimize the risk in making a bad choice) Risk adverse people choose McDonalds over Bob’s burgers. Brand as a coporate asset: protected property, book value, goodwill asset that can be sold and bought. Attributes of a BRAND: Leadership (25%): market share, awareness, positioning, competitor profile Stability (15%): longevity, consistency, brand equity Market (10%): what market, volatility size Internationality (25%) Trend (10%) Support (10%) Protection (5%) United Cereal: Very solid market share, well established company, 9 billion dollar company, 1/3 of that is breakfast cereal. Been in International game since 1952, strong in Europe as well as US. So, costs are going up, but they can’t make it up by charging more. This is the problem. Are our tastes becoming standardized? That would be a case for global branding, one brand and
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