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In the area of planning, MEPD does not succeed particularly well. Soon after Spichty took control and the industry changed, many organizational structure problems formed—due to the lack of coordination and communication between the different departments of MEPD. The lack of coordination stemmed from Spichty taking the initiative to replace all of the key managers under Anman with new managers from divisions outside of MEPD. The new managers created multiple problems within each department, including the inability to develop new products, strategic marketing issues, and creating new cultures. Employees became confused as the objectives and goals of the company began to blur. In addition to the lack of coordination, communication and group decision making continued to be an issue. Spichty was described by a MEPD manager with the following comment: “He does not listen too well. His interruptions of others prevent him from hearing others’ opinions and makes it seem as if he really does not want criticism” (Beer, 6). Because of Spichty’s inability to listen to others,
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