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Effective leadership “is influence that assists a group or an organization to meet its goals and objectives and perform successfully” (Hitt, Black, Porter, 244). An effective leader will enable behavior in others to act a certain way or to help accomplish a certain task. It implies that this type of leadership will help people accomplish more of a task if there hadn’t been presence of leadership at all. James F. Lincoln, founder of Lincoln Electric, demonstrated such leadership qualities during his lifetime. He is credible for the exceptional story of business ethics, productivity growth, and industry leadership at the Lincoln Electric Company. Lincoln’s management style was so influential, that it carried on beyond his death. Successor management retained Lincoln’s leadership legacy for the remainder of the twentieth century, and the company’s performance continued to achieve high standards of excellence. James Lincoln was able to realize early on how to develop a company’s culture and to help lead and influence it’s employees to act that way. Lincoln had a vision, and inspired it among the
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