Midterm DSC - Adaptor- product that allows a firm to tap...

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Adaptor- product that allows a firm to tap into the comp products, data, or user base of another product or service Osborne effect- firm preannounces a forthcoming product or service and experiences a drop in sales as users wait Application programming interfaces- programming hooks or guidelines published by forms that tell other programs how to get a service to perform a task such as send or receive data Application programming interfaces- programming hooks, guidelines, published by firms that tell other program how to get a service to perform a task such as send or receive data Application server- software that houses and serves business logic for use by multiple applications Astroturfing- posting of positive comments on reviews by incentives or by a sock puppet Backward compatibility- ability to take advantage of complementary products developed for a prior generation of technology Black swans- unpredicted and highly impacted events, scalable computing resources help a firm deal with it Blue ocean- approach where firms seek to create and compete in uncontested market spaces rather than competing in spaces and ways that have attracted many rivals Business intelligence systems- systems that use data created by other systems to provide reporting and analysis for organizational decision making Capability maturity model integration process improvement approach that can assist in assessing the maturity, quality, and development of business process Click through rate- ads quality score based on this Client- software program that makes requests of a server program Cloud computing- replacing computing resources with services provided over internet, demand for tech skills in data centers/maintenance is likely to decrease Cloudbursting- use of cloud computing to provide excess capacity during periods of spiking demand, scalability solution that is usually provided as an overflow service Cookie- unique line of text assigned and retrieved by a given Web server but stored in browser Compile- program code is written in a language that humans can understand, then converted into a form that can be understood and executed by a microprocessor Complementary benefits- products or services that add additional value to the primary product or service that makes up a network Congestion effects- increasing numbers of users lower the value of a product or service Convergence- when two or more markets once considered separate, being to offer features and capabilities, mobile phones and media players Cross- side exchange benefit- when an increase in the number of users on one side(consoles) of the market create a rise on the other side(software) Customer relationship management- systems used to support customer related sales and marketing activities Database management system- software for creating, maintaining and manipulating data Distributed computing- form of computing where systems in different locations communicate and collaborate to complete a task EDI- set of standards for exchanging
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Midterm DSC - Adaptor- product that allows a firm to tap...

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