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After reading “The Apology” by Plato, two thoughts come to mind: Challenge the Process and Enable Others to Act. I have always been familiar with the “Socratic Method”. In high school, after reading a novel, we would perform a Socratic Seminar, in which we would form an inner circle and an outer circle and ask questions to each other, and even answer questions with questions. Most of the questions were open-ended questions, which allowed us as students to think critically about the subject at hand, and analyze it for ourselves, rather than to just listen to the teacher for the right answers. At the time, I knew who Socrates was and I knew that he was the basis of this exercise we were doing in class, but I never knew why . Being a business major I don’t really have any insight on the philosophical side of thinking. Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I have always had a very math and financed based mind. This is actually the first class I have had that kind of drove me away from the math-aspect
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