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February 22, 2011 101 SW Main Street, Suite 1850 Portland, OR 97201 Dear Ms. Donna Brunner, I am writing to apply for the marketing and real estate intern position currently available at Marcus & Millichap. I am extremely interested in the position, and I am certain the position is a perfect fit for both myself and the company. My exceptionally detailed intercommunication and accommodation skills will be sure to grant your desire for a top-performing intern. Marketing and real estate go hand in hand, and what they both need is superb intercommunication and persuasion skills. I have always been good at leading people toward what they need, for example, I persuaded my entire high school to reduce the price of bottled water in the vending machines in order to promote healthier diets. After months of researching, I designed an extremely detailed proposal outlining the need and solution, including objectives and costs. My principle read the proposal and immediately sent it on through the chain of
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Unformatted text preview: command. Two months later, my idea became a reality. I am certain that Marcus & Millichap will benefit greatly from my persuasion and communication skills. I also pride myself on being very accommodating to the needs of certain people. I grew up in a community with people of ethnical and religious backgrounds of all kinds, so I have always been very aware of my actions in order to not offend anyone. Because of this background, I also can say that I will not be held back by irrelevant prejudices. I live by the old cliché of “never judging a book by it’s cover”, and it is a very promising lifestyle. This life experience will bleed into my client service and support by making customers of all different backgrounds and lifestyles feel welcomed and comfortable. Thank you for your consideration of my employment at Marcus & Millichap. I look forward to speaking with you in how my communication and accommodation skills will help develop the company’s future. Sincerely, Sarah Lowery...
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