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To: Robin Astrigo From: Sarah Lowery Date: 14 February 2011 Re: Fresh Perspective for the Future of Astrigo Holdings After taking a day to consider all possible options for the future of Astrigo Holdings, I have come to the conclusion that the “rank-and-yank” system is the most promising way to continue. It is the best way to ensure top-performance from all of our employees and will make our investors happy by keeping Astrigo Holdings in direct competition with other companies and profits in line with the expectations of Wall Street. Rank-And-Yank Your Way to Success The fairest way to cut 10% of the workforce is to implement the Rank-And-Yank system. Although it will take more time and dedication than other options, in the long run the company will benefit greatly from it. We can think of the situation we are in as an opportunity, rather than a loss, for it: Allows us to wean out lower performing employees, creating a higher-performing workforce overall Creates competition within employees which in turn develops harder-workers
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