WWII - Sarah Lowery Professor Batham History 102 6 February...

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Sarah Lowery Professor Batham History 102 6 February 2009 World War Two World War II, was a global military conflict that involved a majority of the world’s major nations, divided into two alliances: the Allies and the Axis. It involved nearly 100 million military personnel, making it the most widespread war in history. Much of the fighting took place in Europe, South-East Asia, China, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Africa, and the world was in a state of “total war”. By the end of the war, over 70 million people, the majority of them civilians, were killed, making it the deadliest conflict in human history. There are many causes of the war, but the three that are most significant were the weakness of the League of Nations, the start of the Great Depression, and of course Hitler’s dictatorship. The first major cause of the war was the weakness of the League of Nations. After the end of World War I, the League of Nations was created in hopes to keep the peace among the nations of the world. It was supposed to settle disputes between nations and stop wars from breaking out. However, it didn’t take long for the deviant nations of the world to realize that the League of Nations had no power over them at all. Sure enough, Japan took over Manchuria and Italy declared was on Abyssinia, seeing as there were no repercussions for their actions.
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The second major contributor to the war was the Great Depression. The Depression was caused by the unequal distribution of wealth and from the over investing in the stock market. In 1929, the stock market in the United States crashed, and left unemployment at an all time high. The low wages and incapability to find work left the people of the world looking for ways out of their money woes, which eventually lead to the hopes that right wing political figures will dig them out of the hole. These leaders abused their power, and changed election policies to be elected into office efficiently. This event led to a great number of dictatorships all forming at about the same time: Stalin of Russia, Mussolini of Italy, Franco of Spain, and Hitler of Germany. The end of World War I brought global peace with the Treaty of Versailles, but once
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WWII - Sarah Lowery Professor Batham History 102 6 February...

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