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Sarah Lowery History 102 Batham News Article: D.C. WWI Memorial Could Go National The District of Columbia’s WWI only remembrance monument had been tucked away for 90 years. The temple has been overlooked by visitors and locals for years, and it’s time that that changes. Texas Representative Ted Poe suggested to renew a campaign to not only restore the monument, but to expand it. His campaign will suggest the new “National and District of Columbia World War I Memorial” to “honor the nearly 117,000 U.S. soldiers who died, 204,000 who were wounded and the millions more who fought in the war, which started in 1914”. The memorial will be placed between the Korean and World War II memorials in the National Mall. The memorial there now for WWI is covered in weeds and tall grass, and it’s in a poor state of repair.
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Unformatted text preview: Poe thinks that the current monument is an inappropriate way to honor the D.C. World War I veterans. The new memorial is expected to be finished by 2018. I found this article to be interesting because I have actually been to the National Mall and Memorial Parks myself and seen the memorials for both WWI and WWII. Surprisingly, Poe was correct when he described the WWI monuments state. It was tucked away in a corner and over looked by many, including myself. I was young at the time, about 12 years old (in 2002), and remember that it wasnt as glorified as the WWII and Korean War Memorials. Even though there is only one surviving WWI veteran in the United States at this time, providing a memorial to the war will restore its historical significance....
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