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Sarah Lowery History 102 Batham News Article: Dog Tags from WWII Vet Find Their Way Home to Minnesota During an excursion through the Solomon Islands, Shane Elliot of Washington state came across WWII veteran William Sauter’s dog tags. William Sauter was stationed in New Georgia, where the dog tags were found. He was pronounced missing in action and later confirmed dead. Elliot brought the dog tags back to the United States, in hopes to find relatives of Sauter to retrieve the tags. After much research, Elliot found that Sauter’s hometown was Owatonna, Minnesota. Elliot then made several phone calls to the town to try to find Sauter’s closest living relative. Joyce Matejcek was finally tracked down and claimed to be Sauter’s first cousin.
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Unformatted text preview: Matejcek decided to donate the dog tags to the Steel County Historical Society and the dog tags will be on display at the History Center in Owatonna. As the story of the dog tags of one veteran of World War Two doesn’t seem that important to history, it does contribute to the bigger picture in history. The Solomon Islands, where the dog tags were found, was a major fighting ground during World War II. Many citizens of the Islands were evacuated to Australia during the war, since the fighting was so intense. Some of the most significant operations of the Allied Forces against the Japanese Imperial Forces took place on these islands. The Battle of Guadalcanal also took place on these islands, and the Solomon Islands were used as a major staging area of the South Pacific....
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