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Sarah Lowery History 102 Batham News Article: WWII Bombs Found in US Embassy in Manila embassy-in-manila In Manila on January 25, 2009, nearly 100 bombs from World War II were found by a group of construction workers. The workers were near the UC Embassy compound in the country’s capital working on foundations for visa and veteran’s facilities when the bombs were discovered. Police and investigators declared the bombs to be no threat and pose no immediate danger. It is still unclear whether or not the bombs were American or Japanese and the bombs will be taken to an aerial bombing range in northern Philippines for disposal. This is not the first time bombs have been found in the city.
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Unformatted text preview: During World War II, Manila was a heavy fighting ground between the US and Japanese forces, and many explosives from this era are often discovered throughout the city limits. Knowledge from History 102 is needed to fully understand the extent of this articles content. Over 100 bombs were found in the capital city of the Philippines, and one might wonder why they were in the Philippines and not in Japan or the United States (considering that was whom our enemies were). The Philippines were a fighting ground during this era, and in 1945 the United States liberated the Philippines from the Japanese. This was a major turning point in World War II for the American side....
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