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Sarah Lowery History 102 Professor Batham 21 January 2009 News Article: 2000-08 Job Growth Slowest Since WWII Former President Bush left office yesterday January 20, 2009 with the worst employment-growth record of any president since World War Two. Under Bush, America’s job base grew at an annual rate of 0.28 percent, by far the slowest pace of any of the Presidents after World War Two. The percentage rate is based on a comparison of job totals in the final full month served by the predecessor (December 200) and the own full final month as president (December 2008). In 2000, employment totaled 132.5 million, and in 2008, employment totaled only 135.5 million, creating a mere .28% growth rate. Out of the 11 presidents that served after WWII, George W Bush had the
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Unformatted text preview: lowest, and his father had the second lowest (.59%). This article relates to the subject of this course because it shows that the old cliché of history repeating itself is true. Before World War Two was the Great Depression, in which many people did not have jobs. The war itself brought many new jobs to the men and women of America, and even after the war ended the economy had pretty decent employment. Right now, the employment growth rate is at an all time low, just as it was 80 years ago during the Great Depression (just not as extreme). In other words, the war fixed the employment problem during the Depression and helped America jump back into full employment. America now needs some sort of equal stimulus in order to get to that point again....
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