News Article 4 - Russians found out, they made the couple...

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Sarah Lowery History 102 Professor Batham 20 January 2009 News Article: Spy Drama Brought Home This article is about Australian filmmaker Lee Whitmore who, as a young girl, witnessed history on her own street. In 1954, the Cold War came to a suburban cul-de- sac neighborhood. Vladimir Petrov and his wife fled Stalin’s Russia to become the next door neighbor of seven year old Lee Whitmore. The house became a “temporary sanctuary for the Russian defectors, the Petrovs” (2). Vladimir was the Third Secretary of the Soviet Embassy in Caberra, and fearing he would become a victim to Stalin’s purges, he decided to exploit evidence of Russia to Australian leaders in exchange for political asylum. This scandal became to be known as The Petrov Affair, and when the
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Unformatted text preview: Russians found out, they made the couple board a plane back to Russia. Australia fought for the Petrovs, and when the plane stopped for gas, Australian police grabbed them from the Soviets. This article provides information about the Cold War and how it affected the entire world, even the neutral country of Australia. I found this interesting because it is a story many people forgot about, and even though it doesnt necessarily mean anything for the Cold War as a whole, it is still an iconic story and deals with the effects the War had on many different parts and people of the world, including 7 year old Whitmore. Information about the Cold War is necessary to fully understand the article because without the knowledge of Stalin and the Soviets, one would have no idea why the subject is so controversy....
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News Article 4 - Russians found out, they made the couple...

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