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Sarah Lowery History 102 Batham News Article: Suspected WWII Bomb Wounds Okinawa Worker iref=newssearch On Wednesday January 14, 2009, a Japanese worker was severely injured when a bomb went off at a construction site in Okinawa. The bomb was believed to be left over from World War Two, as many unexploded World War Two-era bombs have also been found in the area. The explosion broke over 100 windows in a nursing home near the construction site, and even wounded a 75-year-old man residing in the home. Authorities are still investigating whether or not the bomb was from World War Two, but there is a
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Unformatted text preview: good chance it is since many have been found before in Okinawa. This isn’t surprising because Okinawa was the “bloodiest battlefield”. The battle lasted 82 days and killed over 110,000 Japanese and 12,000 US troops. The purpose of the battle was to seize the island and use it as part of the “island-hopping” strategies the US had used during World War Two. The information featured in the article is relevant to the content in the class because it shows how the battle of Okinawa and how World War Two still effects people today, literally!...
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