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Sarah Lowery History 102 Batham News Article: British WW1 Veteran Dies On January 10, 2009, William Stone, one of the four surviving British veterans of World War I died. He died peacefully at a care home for the elderly at the age of 108. Stone had served 27 years with the Royal Navy, and participated in both world wars. Stone began his service at the age of 18, when he signed up to the Navy. During World War II, he served as Chief Stoker on a minesweeper during the evacuation of Dunkirk, and made five trips to the French beach to pick up troops. This article relates to the content of the class because it refers to both World War One and World War Two. William Stone participated in both world wars, and was one of the only four British veterans of World War One. The article also mentions information that require some
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge of the classes’ content to fully understand. For example, it says that Stone “first sailed with the battlecruiser HMS Tiger” (8) and “served as Chief Stoker on the minesweeper HMS Salamander during the evacuation of Dunkirk” (9). Before reading the chapters and doing my own research, I had no idea what would have been meant by the battlecruiser and minesweeper, but with help from this class I now know what they are. Also, Stone participated in the evacuation of Dunkirk. In the book, the Battle of Dunkirk was important during the Second World War because Dunkirk is where the British and French retreated to along the English Channel (Coffin, 732), and were rescued by William Stone’s Naval fleet. This is very interesting to read because this article is actually about someone who participated in such an important event in history....
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